Blacklight is a leading Australian Joomla CMS developer with tons of experience in developing user-friendly CMS websites, and turning big web ideas into powerful online applications. We make this happen for you using the dynamic, open source Joomla Content Management System as your framework.

Joomla CMS manages your website content for you. Log in. Click Edit. Make your Changes. Save.

Sounds like heaven? If you’re tied down to a web administrator for every simple change to your website, it’s probably driving you crazy, not to mention broke. With Joomla CMS you can make your own changes in 4 simple pain-free steps.

  1. Log in using your secure username and password
  2. Browse to the page you want to change.
  3. Click on the edit button. Make your changes in an easy-to-use office style text editor.
  4. Click save.

A Joomla Content Management System offers you a world of options

Joomla uses industry standard technologies so we can custom build almost anything you can imagine within the Joomla framework. You leverage on the development that has already gone into Joomla to make your user access management and site maintenance easy.

The international Joomla Development community actively creates and manages a vast array of third party software for Joomla, so invariably solutions for a multitude of common tasks are already available, which will keep your costs right down.

At Blacklight we have built online e-commerce shops, appointment setting services, kids fundraising sites, music catalogues with online purchasing that allow artists to upload their own music and photos, and much, much more.

Why Joomla?

The flexibility of Joomla’s award winning user friendly Content Management System has made it the most popular website software in the world. Joomla’s secure, robust, enterprise quality solution is available free for use through the GPL open source license. This means Blacklight Productions provides you with a full featured website, with all these Joomla benefits for the cost of services only. There are no software licensing charges or ongoing maintenance fees.

Please visit the web portfolio section to see some examples of our work.