Google Adwords™, Google Analytics™ and Google Webmaster Tools™  provide a powerful set of online advertising tools for your business. Blacklight productions can unlock this power for your business.  

Google Adwords™  
Google adwords campaigns are an excellent marketing tool for many businesses. An extension of the google search engine, adwords are paid advertisements that show up in the right hand side of search results. You choose the search terms that are relevant to your ad, and offer a bid for each time the ad is clicked. You only pay when someone clicks your ad and visits your website, and you can set a limit per day for the maximum you want to spend.

This is a great way to attract targeted web traffic to your site. More importantly these visitors are actively searching the internet for the products and services you are offering, and likely to be ready to purchase. It is low cost, low risk and massive exposure.

Google Analytics™
We also set up Google Analytics on websites we develop. This powerful tool provides detailed information on traffic to your site including how many people visit, where they are from, how they found you, what pages they visited and how long they stayed there, and how they navigated the site. This can provide invaluable metrics to help you improve site layout and usability.

Google Adwords™ + Google Analytics™
Google lets you combine the power of these two technologies to measure "Conversions". A conversion might be a sales enquiry, a newsletter subscription or a product sales. You can measure how many of your Google Adwords click throughs actually result in a conversion. Even better, Google can choose the adwords keywords that are getting the most conversions for you and use them more often, resulting in the most effective and economical advertising.

Google Webmaster Tools™  
Google's webmaster tools allow us to make sure Google is indexing your site correctly. We use dedicated Joomla sitemap components to create a Google compatible XML map of your website, ensuring Google finds all the content on your site that you want it to. This also flags the site for indexing, getting your freshly optimised website into the premier search engine as quickly as possible. 

Please contact us to find out more about how we can help you with your Google campaign.