At it's heart, the web is a text based medium. We put so much effort into designing a website layout that builds your brand, and yet so often the text (or copy) of the website is almost an afterthought. After weeks of site development the copy is often hastily written in a few days at the end, by someone who loves the business but who doesn't have specialised skills in commercial copy writing.

Add to that the requirement to incorporate keyword terms effectively, and with a view to the technical implementation of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and it is a job best handed to experts.

Blacklight productions uses expert website copywriters with years of experience writing pitch perfect copy that speaks to your customers clearly in a voice they understand.

Our team will analyse your business and your requested keyword search terms for SEO, and using sophisticated tools we'll determine the best keyword combinations to strategically position your site in search rankings.

Blacklight productions will ensure that customers are directed to your site, and when they get there your site speaks directly to them.