We now offer dedicated hosting for Joomla and Wordpress websites. Our sites are hosted on Australian servers in a major business datacentre. We only offer hosting to customers whose website we have built or have audited to ensure they don't contain security risks.Our servers are customised for Joomla and Wordpress hosting, and include a number of security measure you won't find on bulk shared hosts.

Recently we have seen a sharp increase in website security breaches and hackings on bulk shared host services. The major issue with these services is that your hosting account is only as secure as the other hosting accounts on the same server, and there is no telling what other people are hosting. In many cases where we have investigated hacked websites, an audit of the access logs shows hacker files used to gain control of the site were located on different domains on the same server. This means you may be hosting a well secured site, but still get compromised. We have found web hosting ISPs very reluctant to admit this, and usually put the blame back on the customer.

That's why our hosting offers:

uptime robot

  • Complete daily backup of server
  • High performance and reliability in a major Australian datacentre
  • 24 Hour Monitoring for Malware and security breaches with Sucuri
  • 24 Hour Uptime Monitoring with Uptime Robot
  • Dedicated managed Joomla and Wordpress hosting
  • Server security measures specific to Joomla and Wordpress

We offer 3 competitively priced packages:

Blacklight Basic Package

  • 1.5 GB Storage Space
  • 5 GB Monthly Traffic
  • $369.00 ex gst / year

Blacklight Jumbo Package

  • 8 GB Storage Space
  • 16 GB Monthly Traffic
  • $469.00 ex gst / year

Blacklight High Demand Package

  • 15 GB Storage Space
  • 50 GB Monthly Traffic
  • $579.00 ex gst / year


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